Want to be a regenerative farmer or grower?

Soilmentor software helps you learn what healthy soils and flourishing biodiversity look like on your farm. Understand changes on your land above & below ground, make informed decisions and keep everyone in the loop.

Soil Test:

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Why use Soilmentor?

Your own soils toolbox

No more reports from a lab. Monitor your soil health with your own tests on soil biology, chemistry and physics.

More informed decisions

Make more informed management decisions as you start to fully understand how things are evolving above and below ground on your farm.

Easy to use

Made by farmers for farmers. This app is simple, all farmers pick it up in less than 5 minutes, no faff.

Learn from other farmers

Be connected to a community of farmers all monitoring their soils and sharing their learnings as they go.

How does it work?

List of soil tests in app

The app lists the soil tests you can do in each field. Just select the test you want and enter the value to record your results.

Observe and analyse patterns

Back in the office, see all your test results across multiple fields over time and begin to understand what’s working and what’s not for your farm.

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