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We are part of a future where independent farms thrive

We are farmers

We have a 12 hectare family farm in Chile. As fellow farmers we fully understand the joys of farming and the difficulties. We also understand we all need to have diversified, resilient farming businesses. We created these apps originally for our own farm. After talking to neighbours we realised that no one is making digital tools for farms like ours. So we started to share what we made with farmers in Chile and then in the UK, where half of the family (and much of our small team) are based.

We enable independent farmers with digital tools

We aren’t talking Artificial Intelligence, robots and drones. Yes, they may be useful in a more distant future but there are super simple digital tools we can use today that can revolutionise the opportunities for independent farmers like ourselves.


Eliza: Operations & Support

Eliza is part of the Groundswell family, so developed an early interest in regenerative farming. She studied Zoology to learn more about ecology and landscape conservation, and is now focused on working to regenerate soil & increase farmland biodiversity.

Inti: CTO & Co-founder

Inti is excited about creating digital tools that are simple and easy to use on the farm.

Victoria: Sales & Partnerships

Victoria is on a learning journey of how simple tech focused on regenerative methods can help farmers manage their lands and regenerate our natural world.

Erick: Programmer

Erick’s connection with the ocean drove him to develop a passion for nature and the future of our planet. His goal is to have a meaningful impact which leaves a better world behind us. He studied AI at KU Leuven and worked for a small startup where he specialized on how to take advantage of AI to minimize carbon emissions. Erick’s focus has now shifted towards farming and how the use of technology in combination with regenerative practices can help preserve biodiversity and protect the environment.

Abby: CEO & Co-founder

Abby loves creating digital tools that build ecology, profitability and beauty on farms around the world – including this app and the podcast Farmerama Radio. She also helps run the farm in Chile with her sister and mother.

Tao: Programmer

Tao is helping to develop apps at Vidacycle because he believes we can use simple technology to build a greener and brighter future for all.


The Vidacycle fellowship brings together farmers who are thinking differently and leading the way, those who have both supported and inspired us on our journey so far. Fellows represent our on-the-ground knowledge base, empowering themselves and others to take an ecological, profitable and beautiful approach to farming.

Fidelity Weston

Fidelity manages Romshed Farm, her family farm in Kent, and sees farming as a way of working in tune with the natural world.

John Cherry

John farms at Weston Park Farms, host to the Groundswell conference, and is focused on rearing his cattle and crops while building biodiversity and soil health.

Peter & Henri Greig

Peter and Henri farm at Pipers Farm, where traditional, sustainable values have been handed down for generations. Pipers Farm currently works with 25 family farms to provide healthy food while farming in harmony with nature.

Ian Boyd

Ian farms at Whittington Lodge Farm in the Cotswolds, an organic mixed farm of pedigree herefords, wildflower meadows, herbal leys and cereals. He believes a healthy farm starts with healthy soil.

Bridget Elworthy & Henrietta Courtauld

Bridget and Henrietta are also known as the Land Gardeners, and have built a reputation for growing beautiful organic cut flowers with a focus on soil health.

Chris Leach

Chris is part of the Forestry Team at Waddesdon Estate. Through his interest, knowledge & enthusiasm for regenerative management, & using waste streams to improve soil, he’s been instrumental in rebuilding and enhancing the soil’s fertility on the Estate.


Niels Corfield: Soils Advisor

Niels Corfield has been working to deliver a truly sustainable food system for over 15 years. He helps farmers build healthy soils through good management practices, permaculture and regenerative farming techniques.

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Nicole Masters: Regenerative Soil Educator

Nicole and her team at Integirty Soils are passionate about putting control back into farmers’ hands in regards to nutrients and soil, crop and animal management. The outcomes from adopting a ‘soils first’ approach have positive repercussions for both human and environmental health.

Find out more about Nicole

Dr John Meadley, PFLA: Partner Organisation

John is President and a founding member of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA). He helped create a collaborative group of farmers, soils experts and scientists to monitor soil health under pasture.

Read more about John and the PFLA

Caroline Grindrod: Regenerative Agriculture Consultant

Caroline is a regenerative agriculture consultant and accredited professional in Holistic Management, with a background in hill farming and environmental conservation. She is the co-founder of Wilderculture, and uses a wide range of expertise to inform her consultancy.

Find out more about Caroline

Tim Williams: Regenerative Pastoralist

Tim is an accomplished regenerative pastoralist with a real expertise in grassland management. He has many years of experience and learnings from agro-ecological, organic, and biodynamic systems, and a focus on restoring soil health.

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