Roots to Regeneration – the course we’ve all been waiting for!

Roots to Regeneration – the course we’ve all been waiting for! 2079 2560 Soilmentor

Roots to Regeneration – the course we’ve all been waiting for

We have been following the work of Clare Hill and Caroline Grindrod for many years. They are both pioneers in enabling farmers in the UK to transition to a regenerative approach to farming. Both Clare and Caroline have also used Soilmentor to support their learning journeys and the learnings of those they are working with.

So, we were extremely excited to hear that these two have come together to create Roots to Regeneration: a comprehensive year-long transition programme for farmers, agricultural professionals and the food industry.

There is nothing like this course in the UK currently,and very little like it globally – the course draws on Clare Hill’s practical experience and approach to farming (first at FAI Farms and now at Planton Farm), combined with Caroline’s experience working with many different farmers, drawing on her ecological and holistic underpinnings. 

The other very unique aspect to Clare and Caroline’s approach is that they focus on helping people to shift their mindset and enable others to do the same – this is often the key part of regenerative management which is missing. There is no point in knowing everything about a different approach if the people involved aren’t on board. This is why the ongoing coaching and peer-to-peer mentorship is a vital part of this program.

We talk a lot about mindset at Vidacycle and in a way Soilmentor is a tool designed to support a mindset shift, using observation to guide you on a path to understanding the ecological web on each farm – and Soilmentor will play a key role in enabling those who are part of the Roots to Regeneration programme to learn.

As Caroline shared “What’s unique about this programme is that it’s not just about teaching a set of practices. We are catalysing a deep mindset shift and equipping participants with the vision and adaptability needed for genuine long-term transformation, as well as the practical tools too.” 

The Roots to Regeneration (R2R) Transition Programme will offer an unrivaled level of expertise and support. It includes farm based training as well as live discussions with leading regenerative farmers, vets and coaches including Joel Williams, Rob Havard, Nikki Yoxall, Russ Carrington, Claire Whittle, Tim Parton, Tim Coates, James Daniel; self-led online learning; as well as fortnightly coaching, and peer-to-peer mentorship. 

The programme is specifically for those who see the potential of regenerative agriculture and are committed to engaging in an in-depth transformation process for themselves and their farm, enterprise or supply chain. 

Caroline and Clare both have experience working with food companies and the wider food supply network, so they are well aware that regenerative agriculture is not only seen as a pathway to help farms become more profitable and resilient, but also for food companies to meet their targets and build robust supply chains which positively impact people and the planet.  

With that in mind, Roots to Regeneration is offering food companies or other relevant corporations the chance to sponsor places or select farmers from their supply chains to engage with the program. Companies can use Roots to Regeneration to understand better what solutions regenerative agriculture can provide for their sector. 

“The food sector is under unprecedented pressure from multiple, interrelated, systemic global problems. Our program will give food companies the best possible results for their supply farmers in the shortest time. When rolled out as a staged program, this could help transition supply chains to become more resilient whilst maintaining productivity and increasing quality.” – Clare Hill

Registrations are now open to apply for Roots To Regeneration Transition Programme. 

To find out more you can attend a taster day at Planton Farm on Tuesday 9th January 2023, or book a 20-minute call to see if this program might be a good fit for you: