Using Soilmentor as an organisation to support farmers on their regenerative journey – Soils for Life Australia

Using Soilmentor as an organisation to support farmers on their regenerative journey – Soils for Life Australia 1108 490 Soilmentor

Soils for Life Australia use Soilmentor as a key tool in their regenerative transition programme

Soilmentor supporting remote coaching with Nicole Masters

Soils for Life is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that works across Australia to support farmers in regenerating soils and landscapes, to build natural and social capital, and transform food and fibre systems. As part of their farmer-led Paddock Labs initiative, the farmers and Soils for Life team had access to Soilmentor for a year to  monitor their soils, record day-to-day observations and to experiment and learn together from their results.

In Spring, the farmers joined an exclusive online mentoring session with Nicole Masters. Using Soilmentor they were able to each share results from their Regen Indicator tests in key paddocks and benchmark their results in the Regen Platform. It was brilliant to see such focused support, as Nicole was able to work directly with each farmer on the results they were seeing in their fields, giving them confidence and insights into where to go next in their specific context. This was taking the things to the next level from a more general learning webinar, as it helped farmers to build on their skills to think regeneratively and apply learnings based on what they were seeing.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Regen Indicators and to see how they work in this context, and how Soilmentor can be an important tool for organisations working with farmers on their regenerative journey and enable access to high quality support through remote coaching.

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Soils for Life training video – using the Regen Platform, with Nicole Masters

Why use Soilmentor as an organisation?

Empowering farmers in the field – allowing farmers to monitor their own soil health & record simple day to day observations to document the regenerative journey (e.g. wildlife observations, inputs added, and grazing patterns).

Sharing results – data collected and observations made can be shared remotely to anyone in the team or group. The platform can be used as a knowledge exchange between the farmers, advisors and the organisation team.

Back up decisions & recommendations with robust data and monitor group progress made towards objectives.

Supporting farmers to experiment with innovative practices and build knowledge, allowing you to document what is and isn’t working on the farm.