Speedy data collection

Easily add results from soil health tests, or record wildlife species you’ve spotted around your farm. Sync the app and then view your progress back at the office!

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Soil health made simple

We have lots of simple soil health tests to choose from, most of which can be done with only a spade! Follow the link below to explore them.

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Biodiversity tool

Observe and record wildlife to indicate your farm’s ecology!

Map your samples

By mapping your soil sample locations on GPS, anyone in the team can return to the same spot over time, and monitor your soil health progress accurately!

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Earthworm Index

Assess the ecology of your soil with our earthworm index! Easily compare different fields, observe the effects of different management techniques, and pitch your fields against UK benchmarks.

Are you an organisation who wants to support farmers with improving soil health and biodiversity?

If yes we have some brilliant tools to support you.