Are you an organisation who wants to support farmers with improving soil health & biodiversity?

Empower farmers in your network to learn what flourishing soil health and biodiversity looks like on their farms, using simple in-field tests they can do themselves, no labs, no faff.


Soilmentor is an app which makes it easy to record observations and photos, which are visualised to spot trends, refer to benchmarks and make comparisons.

The organisation offer is a bespoke Soilmentor package for groups of farmers to monitor soil health and biodiversity together, making it easy to see headline numbers, compare data and get tailored advice for different soil types.

What does the app look like?

Why use Soilmentor?

Incentivise farmers to assess their soils & wildlife, take ownership and positive actions

Easily see how soil health & biodiversity is changing and improving farm by farm over time

Keep everyone in the loop, enable farmers, farm advisors and head office to access data

Collaborate with farmers on creating a data set which evidences impact of good practises

Key Features

Soil test guide

Online guide of how to do each soil test and biodiversity monitoring.

Bespoke setup

Customise selection of soil tests and wildlife species in app specifically to your required goals & indicators.

Trends & tools

Each farm can see how their soil health & biodiversity is evolving, compare themselves with benchmarks & get tailored advice based on their soil types.

Dashboard view

Compare data from all farms in the group NB: need farmers permission to share data.

Key Benefits

Make data collection easy

Soilmentor works with a handy smartphone app making it quick and easy to record data, no soggy notebooks needed

Standardise data collection

Easily have all farms collecting the same type of data, enabling real insights and comparisons to be made

Discover what works

By sharing data and insights from farms under different management discover which practises work best and use that to share with others

Evidence good practises

Ability to create aggregate data and evidence of the impact of good farming practises for policymakers, investors, stakeholders

Earthworm Index Tool

Biodiversity Tracker Tool


“We use Soilmentor to demonstrate the positive impact pasture-fed livestock farming can have on soil health and biodiversity.”
– Pasture Fed Livestock Association

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