Soil Monitoring Guide

Below is all the information for how & where to do each test, how often, and the equipment needed.

The Regen Indicators

What is the Regen Platform?

Which soil classifiers describe my farm?

Earthworm Count

Soil Insect Score

Rooting depth 80%

Nodulation of Legumes


% Bare earth (basal cover)

Brix Barometer

Carbon stocks (0-30cm)

Slake (Wet Aggregate Stability)

Infiltration Rate

Other Soil Tests

VESS – Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure

Topsoil Depth

Biodiversity recording

Dung quality

Dung beetle count

Time taken for dung to break down

Sward Stick

Sward Density

Plate Meter


Spading Ease

Fence Post Insertion

Probe Depth

No. Broadleaf, Grass, Undesirable Species

Sap pH

Soil pH

Testing Advice

Which Fields Should I Monitor?

Where do I do Each Test and How Many Times per Field?

When & How Often Should I Do Tests?

Don’t think you’ve got time to go out and dig holes? Think differently!

Soils Advisor – Niels Corfield

Soil Test Challenge


Equipment List

4 Steps to Make a Quadrat

How to make an infiltration rate tube

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