2.0 % Bare Soil

% of Bare Soil

Soil health indicator: % of ground within quadrat which is bare soil

What proportion of the sampled field is bare ground (that which is exposed soil, i.e. not covered by litter or leaves). Areas uncovered are degrading the soil. Estimate the percentage and record in the app.


  • Quadrat

Doing test:

  1. Decide whether you want to test the field more generally (under the W walk category), or repeatedly test a specific sample site over time (using the GPS feature to find the same location).
  2. Standing above the quadrat visually estimate what percentage of the area you can see is bare soil.
  3. Record the percentage in the app.
  4. If you haven’t already, take a photo using the app

What to record in the Soilmentor app:

  • Percentage of bare soil that you can see to the nearest 10%. Note: ground covered by mulch is not bare soil.
  • Photo


http://www.rmsgadzia.com/PDFs/Bulleseye.pdf – Page 21 onwards


Looking at bare soil with John Cherry at Weston Park Farms: