2.1 Brix (%) & (Fuzzy)

What to record

  • Number 0-30 on ‘Brix’ scale of refractometer
  • Yes/No for whether the line is fuzzy or not
  • Photos


  • Refractometer (0-32%)
  • Heavy duty Garlic Crusher
  • Water Squirt Bottle (optional)
  • Dry cloth/kitchen roll
  • Quadrat (optional)

How to do the test

1. Decide whether you want to test the field more generally (under the W walk category), or repeatedly test a specific sample site over time (using the GPS feature to find the same sample location to place the quadrat).

2. From within a quadrat collect about a handful of forage, by tearing. Pretend you are a cow or sheep munching away on the plants.

3. Squish the handful into the garlic crusher.

4. Hold refractometer in one hand, flip back the plastic flap to expose the glass face.

5. Hold filled garlic crusher in the other and squeeze ‘juice’ from picked grasses onto the glass face of the refractometer.

6. You need just one drop of ‘juice’ on the glass screen. Then drop the refractometer’s plastic flap on top of the drop so it smears across the screen.

7. Hold the refractometer up to the sky (about 15degs) and look into the lens.

8. There will be an area/line on the scale where it changes from light blue below to dark blue above.

9. Record the number on the scale and if the line is fuzzy or not in the app.

10. Clean and dry the glass screen with your water ready for the next test

11. Remove residues from garlic crusher.