How to make an infiltration rate tube

You will need:

  • 150mm steel fluepipe

  • permanent marker

  • ruler/tape measure

  • sharpening file

  • saw (if using pipe)

  • water bottle

  • measuring jug (ml)


1. Cut piping into 150mm sections (ideally with a mitre or chop saw)

2. Sharpen one end of the ring with a file (helps to drive into ground more easily/reduce soil disturbance)

3. Measure 75mm (3″) from the sharp end of the ring and mark a strong line with permanent marker (this shows to what depth you should bury the ring into the ground).

4. In the measuring jug, measure 450ml of water.

5. Pour this into the water bottle and mark the height of the water with the marker (this makes it easy to have a constant height of 1″ of water trying to infiltrate the soil within the ring).

6. Now you have your ring for going in the ground and accompanying bottle with the correct height of water to pour in the ring.

Infiltration rate pipe made from a drainpipe at Hampton Estate: