Soils Advisor – Niels Corfield

Niels provides on-farm training and services for farmers who want to better understand their own soils. He also works with farmers on an individual basis to support them in using different management practices to improve soil and pasture health, and their bottom line.

Example services below.
Phone: +447858 3006688.

Soil & Pasture Health Baselining Service:

  • Discuss management objectives for the farm
  • Selecting fields to monitor
  • Characterise/rate selected fields, enter field names and details into Soilmentor app
  • Select tests to carry-out on an on-going basis
  • Carry-out full set of selected tests, in all selected fields

Soil & Pasture Health Monitoring – Training & Set-Up Service:

  • Discuss management objectives for the farm
  • Selecting fields to monitor
  • Characterising fields, enter field name and details into app
  • Demonstrating full suite of tests, in one field, recording results
  • Select tests to carry-out on an on-going basis
  • Visit remaining fields, carry-out spade tests, record observations
  • Assess results, back at the office, introduce

Soil Health Report:

  • Document summarising key observations in test fields
  • Rating for each field

On-Farm Trial Coordination:

  • Design and set-up of on-farm trials
  • Monitoring of- set-up for famer-lead monitoring of results
  • Report and recommendations for roll-out

Soil Health Action Plan:

  • Tailored advise document
  • Summarising main options for improving your soil
  • Suggestions for road-testing new practices and on-farm trial opportunities

About Niels:

Niels Corfield is an advisor, researcher, educator, designer, grower and nurseryman who has been working to deliver a truly sustainable food system for over 10 years. Over this time Niels has acquired an amazing breadth of knowledge and gained experience on many different farms, this enables him to draw on a wide range of practical tools and techniques to find what works in every new situation.

He works to create sustainable/regenerative landscapes, farms and spaces in the UK and Europe with a focus on agro-ecological systems that are low maintenance and productive.

Niels provides a number of services direct to farmers:

  • He advises and consults on soil health, agroforestry, planned grazing and setting-up on-farm crop trials.
  • He provides whole-farm planning and design services for transition farm operations, through an inclusive/participatory framework.
  • He also offers a specialist mapping service to growers and farmers to facilitate decision-making and planning.

Niels works in partnership with the PFLA on Soils

Niels is a soils researcher, technician and demonstrator and is coordinating the PFLA soils monitoring project – establishing an empiric case for healthy soils on pasture and mixed farms. He has carried-out on-farm soil assessments with a number of farmers and growers in the SW, Wales, the SE and the North. Alongside this Niels is also conducting a cover crops trial on arable and horticulture operations in the UK.

Niels delivers Specialist Courses

He delivers specialist training courses for farmers, growers, land managers and smallholders. Including Regenerative Design for Farms and Soil Health for Growers. He is a demonstrator of in-field monitoring practices and surveying on-farm.

Niels’ Training & Tools

Niels has been trained by Darren Doherty (RegenAg Design), Kirk Gadzia (Holistic Management), Starhawk and Penny Livingstone-Stark (Permaculture Design).

He is committed to an information-lead approach to land-based decision making and management practices. He works closely with Vidacycle Tech, SoilBioLab & Field Margin.