The Regen Platform

We’re excited to release the Soilmentor Regen Platform in collaboration with world-renowned soil specialist and author, Nicole Masters, and the rest of the fantastic team at Integrity Soils

The Regen Platform will support you to track 10 ‘Regen Indicators’, designed to represent various key aspects of soil health. Your results will appear in a dashboard, so you can quickly visually assess how your soil performs against benchmarks from other farms in the same environmental biome as yours. If you identify problem areas in any of the Regen Indicators measured, you can click into each metric to learn from regenerative pointers from Nicole, bespoke to your soil type, on how to improve your soil in each area. 

Working with Nicole on the Regen Platform feels like the perfect fit – her insights are deeply rooted in the importance of observation, supporting mindset shifts, and building diversity and microbiome health in soils. We wanted to develop something that would support farmers to monitor and build a variety of soil metrics, which reflect the importance of taking a holistic approach to your soil and farm management. Nicole’s book ‘For the Love of Soil’ is a firm favourite of ours, and we can also highly recommend her online course!

The prototype of this new technology was initially developed by Vidacycle in collaboration with Elizabeth Stockdale at NIAB, and the GreatSoils project in the UK, thanks to SARIC funding. It was a great success, and got farmers, consultants and scientists excited with its easy interface and clear pathway for understanding soil health monitoring.

Our collaboration with Integrity Soils builds on this prototype, and takes it in a new direction with a focus on the mindset and thinking required to farm regeneratively.